The nostalgia when you meet again, after three years, your old friends, drinking beer and singing together El Cancion Del Mariachi.
I miss old times.


Last night I was convinced that finally my crush do something at an event which I took part. in my head it was all programmed: I, dressed as he said he liked me. I, trying to do eye game with him. And him, that speaks to me. But all, inexorably, going wrong and all my convictions falls down. Many old friends, I try to calm the nerves with four beers. I see him, he continues to look at me and…. nothing. he passed literally, for plus that four times, at few centimetres from me. And he can’t say a word. Nor hi. Only looks at me for the entire evening, without say nothing to me. All my mind movies, my clearest convictions about this evening are gone in a moment. But luckly there are old friend, good beer and a good show. If no, I would have fallen in the most total depression.