Class notes.

Prof: And this is how the WWII ends.
Student: wait, I was writing. How?
P: The WWII ends.
S: World War?
P: Second.
S: How it?
P: e.n.d.s. the. World. War. Second. Ends.
S: oh god, professor, slower! I’m writing!

Fuck yourself uh? What’s the problem? You can’t do two things together?

me: Books are human patrimony. They’re our history.
friend: they’re only make you stun and asocial. The only book that I read entirely is the Robert Plant’s biography.

Well, I can’t be proud to say it around. Someone that despise literature and considers it as a time loss, deserves to take a pair of slaps. Art and books are the only things that differs us from animals. Without books we are only animals, full of istincts and hierarchial prevalence. Literature remind us of past errors, past beauty. Robert Plant didn’t write song without literature. So, please, go fuck yourself, and say again that literature and it’s not useful. If I have a good brain, full of informations, I will do any type of work, from the garbage man to the surgeon. But if you don’t study, if you don’t read, you will do only the garbage man.

Friend: I’ve seen my boyfriend yesterday.
Friend: yeah, I’ll go with my boyfriend in (insert casual beautiful place name) tomorrow.
Friend: I’m engaged with (name) since last December!
Me: Well, yeah. Someone that wants to do the (casual tv series) marathon?
Friends: oh no, I’m out with my boyfriend tonight!